Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • Data Security Removes tags and labels from equipment and overwrites/destroys hard disks.
  • Decrease Costs: Eliminate the cost of storing excess, outdated, or used computer equipment.
  • Increase Savings: Value Recovery may provide cashback for your computer equipment.
  • Logistics: You may not have the logistics and disposition infrastructure in place to properly manage the recycling or resale of your old computer equipment.
  • Accountability: Provides a single point of contact, end-to-end visibility, and detailed data security and environmental reports.

Your equipment becomes our equipment so it’s no longer your legal responsibility.

ARS offers full logistics services. De-installation, packaging, loading, and shipping services are available in part or full according to your needs and budget.

Depending upon your needs or requirements. We erase all data from hard disks using approved DOD “Department of Defense” techniques. This protects against software licensing infringement and loss of business, proprietary, client or other sensitive information. Drive shredding services are available.

Are removed that may identify the original equipment’s owner.

ARS disposes of equipment through green recycling, disposal, redeployment or resale. All recycled computer equipment is disposed of in accordance with all Federal, State, EPA and HIPAA guidelines.

ARS provides a certified audit report detailing the equipment disposed of, services performed and confirmation of data destruction.

You’ll receive a “Certificate of Assumption and Disposal” providing evidence of services performed.

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