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ARS Easy IT Recycle Box

  • ARS Easy IT Recycle Box
  • All Inclusive Computer Recycling
  • Small Quantity Computer Recycling


A great option for businesses that have a small amount of items to recycle is ARS’ “Easy IT Recycle Box”

The ARS EASY IT RECYCLE BOX for computer recycling and IT disposal is an all inclusive, cost effective option for many small offices, businesses or organizations with a limited number of items to recycle.

ARS Services: ARS will audit and properly dispose and recycle all technology assets. This cost effective solution is effectively relieves you of state and federal liability.

Capacity: The box is Gaylord size. One Easy IT Recycle Box can hold up to up to 1,000 lbs, which is approximately equivalent to 40 small form PC computers, up to approximately 20 15-inch monitors, or 16 17-inch monitors. The exact number of items the box will hold is dependent on actual size of the components since hardware components come in many sizes and thickness.

All inclusive Price! covers box, skid and transportation of box to and from your facility and all disposal – recycling, audit and certificate of disposal.

48 x 40 x 36″ ECT 51 Double Wall ARS Easy Recycle Loader Box Kit

Prevent back strain and other injuries by using this easy loading Gaylord.

  • Perforated 14″ from the top on one side
  • When loaded, flap is easily taped back up
  • Heavy duty double wall assures safety for your products in shipment
  • We will deliver your EASY RECYCLE BOX within 3 business days
  • Fill the box with acceptable technology items
  • Contact ARS to request a pickup for return to our facility
  • We will pick up your EASY RECYCLE BOX at your convenience

Our Computer Recycling and IT Disposal Services are HIPAA, Green, and Law Complaint. Our Professional staff is well Trained and Experienced in handling all Computer Recycling, Monitor Disposal, Medical Equipment Recycling, and Data Destruction to your entire satisfaction. Just Rely on our complete B2B Solutions customize to meet all your IT Recycling needs. Just Call Us!